Did You Miss The Forward’s Giving Section?

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Photo by Erin Schrode  The Forward
Photo by Erin Schrode The Forward

During the week of the General AssemblyThe Forward put out a special ‘Giving’ section with articles of interest. Naturally, we liked the ones most connected to the world of Jewish service:

Helping Haiti, Long After the Quake. “For Jewish organizations active in Haiti, assistance to the struggling nation has undergone a shift. From initial emergency aid — which included medical relief, shelter and food — the focus is now on long-term aid, re-building the society and setting up permanent institutions, such as the clinic in which Oscar was treated.”

Are Mitzvah Days An Excuse To Stay Away? Abelson understands my trepidation. “It is a challenge. It’s just one day. So is that meaningful? Does that make a difference? Do I get to check that off as something that I’ve done and wait till next year?” she said. “Of course, we don’t see it that way.”

Ten Young Jews, Making a Difference. In September, the Forward asked readers to nominate Jews, age 21 and younger, who are working to make a difference locally or globally. The responses both surprised and inspired us; we found a boundless breadth of activism among this mature-beyond-their-years cohort. Although these young people are operating with limited resources, their global consciousness — not just hyper-local giving — emerged as a dominant thread.

Finding Purpose in Life’s Second Act. Indeed, much of Freedman’s work involves dispelling misconceptions about midlife. The Purpose Prize, for example, addresses the notion that social innovation and entrepreneurship aren’t the exclusive province of young people. “There’s this other great repository of new ideas and inventions in the social sector that’s coming from people on the other side of their midlife careers,” Freedman says.

See the entire section here. Are people you know committing to serve all year? Once a year? Let us know!