Introducing: Blog Series on Live the Questions, an AJWS Curriculum

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As many of you know, RepairLabs exists as a tool for Jewish service-learning practitioners to share their work with others in the field. We believe that this practice helps us learn from – and build on – each other’s efforts. This is why were are so pleased to announce that our key partner, the American Jewish World Service (AJWS), has made available online Live the Questions, the core curriculum of its World Partners Fellowship. This curriculum is a signature example of what high-quality Jewish service-learning can look like and much of it can be applied to other Jewish service-learning (JSL) and social justice contexts. We are grateful that AJWS has shared this curriculum with the public, helping to engender greater collaboration in the JSL field and allowing all of us to learn from its best practices.

Alongside the public release of this curriculum, RepairLabs will be co-hosting a six-part blog series exploring high-impact service-learning curricula. This series, penned by AJWS’s Julie Gersten and William Nassau, will reflect on the content and impact of this curriculum. We will be releasing these six posts over the coming two weeks and we invite you to join in the conversation!