Participant Recruitment 2.0

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Urban Adamah

How do you successfully recruit for your immersion program with little or no marketing funds? At Urban Adamah, a three-month urban farming/social justice/Jewish learning fellowship here in Berkeley, CA, our motto is: We don’t do career fairs. We don’t speak at college campuses or at Hillels. We don’t spend time writing long creative blog posts. We focus on leveraging the web for its massive reach and relatively low cost, and build relationship with partner organizations who have access to the kinds of folks we want to reach. This strategy has been quite successful. This summer, we received 52 applications for 14 spots. This fall we received 59 applications for 14 spots and closed the application process a month before the start date. Both applicant pools represent twice as many applicants as we had for the summer and fall of 2011.

We are happy to share the full list of websites, listerves and partner organizations who support us in getting the word out.  You can access the list here. Good luck hunting!