@RepairLabs Roundup

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@RepairLabs Roundup

An occasional collection of excellent resources for professionals in the Jewish nonprofit community – taken from our Twitter feed.

Kerri Karvetski’s list of 30 useful hashtags for nonprofit organizations, from the NTEN blog. It just so happens RepairLabs was researching the same question. Here are some great hashtags you won’t find on a list anywhere else: #jewishcamp, #jewished, #jewishexperientialeducation, #jewishservice, #jewishtweets, #jnets, & #jsocent. Are we missing any Jewish nonprofit specific hashtags?
Via @SchustermanFoun

This just in! @sethcohen33 is interested in a nice list of Jewish hashtags. We’ll submit ours right away.

Beth Kanter is part of a team that built a wiki around ‘social media success for nonprofits.’ This one page makes it clear what’s so wonderful about Beth Kanter AND offers a great collection of training resources to keep handy.
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Berman Jewish Policy Archives unveils a new format for curated collections. This month the focus is on Jewish college students.
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How nonprofits can use social media to advance their missions. From an excellent day of learning at the UN. With the founder of Socialbrite.
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Who knew that “slacktivism” would be a key management practice? VolunteerMatch’s Shari Ilsen right now at the HandsOn Blog.
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101 Volunteer recruitment secrets. What a great list to print and keep handy! Comes in a handy PDF too.
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