The Top Ten Publications Downloaded from BJPA in 2011

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The Berman Jewish Policy Archive is a real treasure, and we at RepairLabs are lucky to have them in New York City. Much of what BJPA does is scan and upload documents that are NOT available elsewhere online. Perhaps the more recent articles are available elsewhere, but many of the older ones are only made available through BJPA’s hard work and commitment. Another value add of BJPA is that they compile all of the resources into one space. That said, most of what they do is freely accessible online, from anywhere. We like them so much, we became partners in 2011 and proudly feature their search widget (on the right, a little below the fold).

It’s fun to see end of year reviews and such, but in this age of crowdsourcing it’s also fun to see the people’s verdict. We were very excited to hear that visitors to BJPA voted up our Volunteering+Values report by downloading it more than any other resource! We’re happy that that they have built up such a strong presence in the Jewish and academic communities, so that resources of value have a way to reach large numbers of the right people.

But let’s not hog all the spotlight. The list of ten most downloaded resources would be fascinating even if it didn’t contain TWO Repair the World entries. See the original list at BJPA or read below.

  1. Volunteering + Values: A Repair the World Report on Jewish Young Adults. Repair the World, June 2011.
  2. Generation of Change: How Leaders in their Twenties and Thirties are Reshaping American Jewish Life. Avi Chai Foundation, September 2010.
  3. Los Angeles Jewish Population Survey ’97.  The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, 1998.
  4. Six Key Trends Transforming Jewish Philanthropy. Lisa Eisen. The Foundation Center, February 2011.
  5. The Demise of the “Good Jew”: Remarks upon Receiving the 2010 Marshall Sklare Award from the ASSJ. BJPA, December 2010.
  6. Demography of the Contemporary Russian-Speaking Jewish Diaspora. Mark Tolts, 2011.
  7. Camp Works: The Long-Term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp. Foundation for Jewish Camp, Spring 2011.
  8. Are Young American Jews in the Diaspora Distancing from Israel? Colloquium Report. AJC, March, 2011.
  9. Making Jewish Education Work: Jewish Service Learning. JESNA, January 2011.
  10. Moving Beyond the Limited Reach of Current “Social Media” Approaches: Why Jewish Digital Communities Require Rich and Remixable Narrative Content. CCAR, Spring 2011.
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